MLOps everywhere!

prokube is an integrated MLOps platform based on Kubernetes, Kubeflow, Gitlab and many more best-of-breed open-source solutions, running anywhere you need it to. On-premises, in the cloud, or in a corporate data center, prokube supports all environments you need to run your ML workloads in.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your ML Projects with prokube

Why MLOps?

Get Your ML Models in Production, Fast and Reliable

Even in 2024, deploying ML models into production is still challenging. MLOps, or Machine Learning Operations, unites data science and operations to tackle this challenge. By adopting MLOps practices, you give your projects a competitive edge: it enhances collaboration, ensures consistent results, and smooths the transition of ML models from experimental stages to fully operational solutions.

Why prokube?

State-of-the-Art MLOps Tools; No Lock-In

Choosing prokube delivers a range of advantages to your business. Built on open-source software for flexibility and transparency, prokube combines powerful open-source solutions tailored for optimal usability and efficiency. It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. Plus, with its ability to operate anywhere - on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid environments - prokube equips your business to excel in the evolving MLOps landscape.

Our Main Services

With our suite of services centered around our MLOps platform, we aim to assist you in seamlessly integrating MLOps into your existing processes and tool landscapes.

Deployment &<br> Customization

Deployment &

Deploying prokube is fully automated, yet custom solutions may be needed for your specific environment. We tailor our platform to suit your application, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Maintenance &<br> Support

Maintenance &

Maintaining a large suite of MLOps tools, such as Kubeflow and MLflow, can be challenging at times. At prokube, we gladly take on this task for you, allowing your data scientists to focus on what they do best.

MLOps &<br> Data Science Consulting

MLOps &
Data Science Consulting

We built prokube because we’ve personally experienced the challenges of developing and maintaining ML models. We are happy to leverage our experience to assist you in implementing MLOps or ML use cases.

Our Product

prokube is designed for ML use cases, based on state-of-the-art open-source technology, and is highly customizable.

Our Product

Data Science Workbench and MLOps

prokube was developed with a clear goal in mind: to enhance the efficiency of data science teams. Consequently, we’ve integrated trusted tools that are widely adopted and well-regarded within the data science community. With Kubeflow, Jupyter Notebooks, VSCode, and the seamless incorporation of MLflow into our Kubeflow framework, our platform offers interactive environments for efficient machine learning workflows. Kubeflow Pipelines alongside MLflow streamline end-to-end processes, while KServe ensures scalable, reliable model serving in production. Additionally, the support for custom containers provides the flexibility needed to tailor prokube to specific project requirements. This integration accelerates the transformation of data into actionable insights and expedites model deployment.

Data Storage and Streaming

Managing storage efficiently and effectively is a crucial aspect of any Data Science or MLOps platform. prokube offers storage and streaming solutions for a variety of use cases, such as OpenEBS and Mayastor for Kubernetes Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) and MinIO for S3-compatible object storage, offering high performance, scalability, and data protection. To support streaming data, prokube integrates Kafka, which guarantees real-time data flow and processing. In addition, we include PostgreSQL and MongoDB, two powerful databases, to handle structured and unstructured data respectively.

IAM and LDAP & AD Integration

Secure enterprise login integration is critical for maintaining operational consistency and robust security. prokube addresses this by utilizing Keycloak and Dex. Keycloak provides secure, scalable access control and a range of features including Single-Sign On (SSO), and identity brokering. Dex adds an identity layer with LDAP & Active Directory support. Together, these tools enable prokube to offer a comprehensive IAM solution with robust user federation and seamless SSO.

Infrastructure as Code

Reproducibility is key in modern development practices, extending beyond application code to include the platform and infrastructure it operates on. prokube incorporates this concept, using Ansible playbooks to ensure the entire setup, from configuring the hosts to setting up the Kubernetes cluster, is completely reproducible. This approach guarantees a consistent deployment of infrastructure and enhances scalability.

Repositories, Registries, and CI/CD

With prokube, we provide an efficient platform for managing your code, artifacts, and CI/CD pipelines. The community version of GitLab comes included, providing a centralized hub for your project. However, prokube is also designed to integrate seamlessly with any version control or CI/CD solutions currently employed in your organization.

Monitoring and Logging

Maintaining full visibility of your processes is critical. That’s why prokube includes a comprehensive monitoring and logging stack, ensuring you always have insight into your operations. Our platform comes equipped with extendable, pre-configured versions of industry-leading tools: Grafana for interactive data visualization, Prometheus for system monitoring, and Loki for centralized logging.

About us

Born from a research venture with the Helmut Schmidt University, prokube stands today as an innovative spin-off of JUST ADD AI. Our platform is the answer to the intricate real-world challenges we’ve encountered firsthand in machine learning deployment. At prokube, we practice what we preach — our technology doesn’t just serve our clients; it’s integral to JUST ADD AI’s day-to-day operations, ensuring that every feature is battle-tested and business-ready.

Our Founders

Dr. Christian Geier

CEO & Co-Founder

With a PhD in Physics, his background includes maintaining distributed computing clusters and contributing to open-source projects, ensuring prokube is engineered for performance and scalability.

Henrik Steude

Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Henrik, our ML expert, is currently finishing his PhD in ML for cyber-physical systems. He has years of experience as a data science consultant, during which he contributed to AI system development, including work for the International Space Station. During this time, Henrik became a Kubeflow enthusiast.

Martin Creutzenberg

MLOPs Engineer & Co-Founder

Martin Creutzenberg is our Kubeflow and software engineering expert. His deep dive into MLOps tools and architectures ensures that prokube is not just cutting-edge but also user-friendly, allowing seamless integration into any production environment.